Tesla Model 3

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Gets A Makeover; Electric SUV, Sports Car Crossover On The Rise?

Recent news disclosed the possibility of Nissan Lead undergoing a makeover, transforming into a more pumped up electric SUV, sportscar or even a crossover. more

Pre-Orders For Tesla's Model 3 Reach Over 275,000 Days After Company Announces The Car

Nissan Motor Welcomes Tesla Model 3 As ‘Good Competition’

Nissan Motors CEO Carlos Ghosn welcomes the competition from Tesla's Model 3. more

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X

Tesla Model X Production Delays Vs New Tesla Model 3

Tesla is seemingly on the brighter side these days especially upon reaching a total of 276,000 preorders in a matter of days for its latest vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. However, production issues rose when reports pointed out that the Tesla Model X production problems could be repeated for the newest Tesla model. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Tesla Model 3 Gains 276,000 Preorders

After the Tesla Model 3 had been launched last Thursday, preorders for the $35,000 electric vehicle came rushing up in numbers as expected. Just a few days after, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk revealed Saturday that there had already been 276,000 preorders. more


Tesla Model 3 Launched

At last, after quite a wait, the Tesla Model 3 was finally launched in California by the local-born car company. Introducing yet another electric car which revolutionized the car industry by the shift from has to electric, Tesla revealed that it has a bright future ahead during its launch. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Unveiling Teased By Tesla CEO

With the highly anticipated unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 happening on March 31 in Los Angeles, the car brand's Chief Executive Officer sure knows how to tickle the minds of its enthusiasts even more after teasing on social media just what to expect on the day of the unveiling. more

Ford Focus Electric

Ford To Invest $4.5 Billion In 13 New Electric Cars By 2020

Ford Motor is responding to the increasing demand for electric cars, announcing Thursday that it will invest $4.5 billion to build 13 new electric models by 2020. more

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen's Electric Concept Car To Debut At CES 2016

Volkswagen may have a chance to take people’s minds off the current emissions cheating scandal next month when it debuts a new all-electric concept car at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Goes On Hiring Spree, In Search Of 1.650 Workers

Tesla Motors has embarked on a hiring spree in order to obtain the staff necessary for its ambitious plans. more


Tesla Model 3 EV To Be Released In 2018

The car was set to hit the market in 2017 but the debut had been pushed back. more

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