Millennials Prefer Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz And Toyota Are Top Car Brands For Millennials, Study Reveals

The study showed millennials are aspiring for luxury brands despite the lack of financial means to actually buy these. more

Toyota Flying Car Expected In 2020

Toyota Flying Car Could Ride High For The 2020 Olympics In Japan

Toyota backs this project that's intended to light the 2020 Olympic flame. more

2017 Toyota Corolla | 5 Reasons to Buy | Autotrader

2017 Toyota Corolla: Lackluster Performance Outweights Its Other Notable Features

The 2017 Toyota Corolla is considered to be one of the safest vehicles of its class, however, its lackluster performance is a big disappointment. more

2017 Toyota 86 Review

2017 TOYOTA 86: An Elite Sports Car

Never fails to impress drivers with its driving capabilities. more

Εκθεση Motor Show 2017

Toyota Hybrids To Drool For At 2017 Cyprus Motor Show Next Week

Toyota was first to confirm its plans for the upcoming 2017 Cyprus Motor Show set next week. Toyota has prepared to showcase its latest hybrid cars. more

2017 Toyota Prius Prime – Redline: Review

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid: Bigger Battery, More Fuel-Efficient Than Outgoing Prius Model

Boasts 25 miles in range with EV mode alone per charge, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime has slowly caught the attention of consumers in the market. more

Toyota Rolls Out Hydrogen Semi

Toyota Rolls Out Hydrogen Semi

Toyota has revealed its hydrogen-powered semi. more

Toyota Reports 2.2 Billion In Profit For Fiscal Year

Toyota Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell on Semi Truck

Toyota is expanding the application of its hydrogen fuel cell to semi-trucks. more

2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Review and Road Test

2017 Toyota Prius Releases New Base Model, $1210 Cheaper

Toyota answers the Hyundai Ioniq threat, by lowering the price of the Prius. more

U.S. Skies and Roads Busy Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend

AAA Launches Own Car-Sharing Service Called Gig

AAA is launching its own ride-sharing application. more

2017 New York International Auto Show

Here Are The Ways Millennials Can Use The Toyota FT-4X For 'Casualcore' Adventures

The crossover has eye-catching corners and non-conventional colors that strike a chord with the millennials. But more than that, it promises to be a worthy companion in their travels. more

Toyota FT-4X

Toyota FT-4X: A 4x4 Concept for Millennials Who Love Outdoors

The Toyota FT-4X has a lot of sharp edged it might prick its owners to run outdoors. more

79th Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Invests $1.3 Billion in Kentucky Facility

The Japanese automotive giant has also expressed its plan to invest up to $10 billion in the United States within the next five years. more

2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Offers 306 Horsepower and Up To An EPA-estimated 30 City MPG

2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Offers 306 Horsepower and Up To An EPA-Estimated 30 City MPG

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid becomes more versatile and affordable for 2017. more

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road

2017 Toyota Tacoma: Living Up To That Impressive Off-Road Reputation

The Toyota Tacoma has been considered the standard in mid-size pickup trucks and the 2017 model is looking to continue that reputation. more

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