Volkswagen Continues To Struggle With Emissions Cheating Consequences

Volkswagen Invests In Uber's Main Rival Gett, Pumps $300M For New Deal

Volkswagen has struck a new deal. It is with Germany's Gett. more

Volkswagen Holds Annual Press Conference

Volkswagen faces threatened lawsuit filed by Norway’s wealth fund due to emission scandal

On Sunday, a Norway independent wealth fund has expressed their interest to attach with the class-action lawsuit scheduled to be filed against Volkswagen due to the scandal regarding emissions. Further, the wealth fund requested oil companies for reports regarding climate change. more

Germany - Frankfurt Auto Show 2013

Opel Admits Using Emissions Software But Claim It Is Legal As German Government Opens Investigation Over Company's Compliance

Opel admitted that they are using emissions software. This is after the German government opened an investigation regarding the carmaker. more

Volkswagen Recalls Over 70,000 Jetta Sedans Over Wiring Problem

Volkswagen unsatisfied over the slow rate of investigation regarding emission scandal

In the midst of the scandal regarding falsifying emissions, Volkswagen expressed their frustration over the snail pace of an ongoing investigation. The company has written a statement that clarifies their standing and future actions to their shareholders. more

The Volkswagen Jetta hybrid on display =

U.S. International Trade Commission Will Investigate Paice's Lawsuit Against Volkswagen Over Hybrid Cars

The United States International Trade Commission will be investigating the lawsuit of Paice against Volkswagen. This is after Paice claimed that the hybrid electric vehicles that Volkswagen uses are owned by Paice. more

Opel Launches New Insignia Production

Emissions Scandal Linked To GM Diesels, Opel CEO Defends Company

GM Diesels is being accused of cheating emissions tests. Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann rejected the claims in a press release. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Tesla Acquired Audi Executive to Serve in Vehicle Production

Elon Musk's visions are still continuing even though he just released the new self-driving car of Tesla and now has tapped the Volkswagen executive, Peter Hochholdinger. The Tesla Motors' move is to make him work the impossible tasks as vice president of vehicle production. more

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Volkswagen Presents Five New Custom Vehicles For Summer As They Focus On Enthusiast Crowd

Volkswagen has released five new models. These models will be focusing on the enthusiast crowd. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Emissions Scandal Results To Largest Shareholder Of Volkswagen Suinga Them

Another class-action lawsuit will be filed against Volkswagen. This time it is about a Norway fund, one of the largest shareholders of the German car manufacturer. more

Volkswagen Announces Further Steps In Emissions Scandal Resolution

Volkswagen Case Over Diesel Emission Issues Persist, Other Manufacturers Faces Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Volkswagen's legacy is being threatened along with Audi and Porsche over the consumer fraud lawsuit. more

The Impossible Reservation: Philadelphia, Presented By Audi

Audi And Volkswagen Dilly-Dallies In Releasing Quarterly Earnings, Question Is Why?

Audi and Volkswagen are delaying the release of their company's earnings and have eluded the reason for the delay as well. more


Volkswagen Is Making A High-Tech SUV Concept At The Beijing Auto Show

The auto maker wants to put its recent scandal behind with new car updates. more

Delphi Automotive Showcases Its Driverless Car, After Completing Cross Country Trip

Highly Detailed Maps Are Designed To Guide Driverless Cars

A Berlin-based mapping company helps designing highly detailed maps for autonomous cars. more

FIA World Rally Championship Great Britain - Day One

2017 Volkswagen Polo R to Debut at WRC With Redesigned Body Kit

Faster, safer, lighter and more powerful - here's how the new Polo R makes a pitch. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Volkswagen Halts Job Cut Plans Amid Dieselgate

As the heat on Dieselgate continues, Volkswagen has decided to suspend job cut plans and, instead, urge top management to let go of bonuses. more

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